pagan rave 
Thurs 7 - Sun 10 Oct
Churchtown Farm, Cornwall


Dust off your antlers & grab your hairiest coat. 

There will be fire, music, dancing, sacrificial tofu & plenty of wholesome hedonism on a stunning farm by the sea.

We have a banging lineup of live music, DJ’s, light, fire & art plus whatever creative spark you bring with you. 

This message has all the info you need for now - we are limited to 75 so...

 we need you to RSVP at the bottom!


Bring your creative spark - join any of the crews and go nuts because we need your help to make it magic.


Decorate, costume, paint, perform, help set-up, tech, invent cocktails or stoke the fires.


Field camping

Hot showers 


Field Kitchen

Fire pit

Wagons and caravans available to hire


We will do a big cook up on Thursday and Sunday night, and get a food van in on Friday & Saturday. Please bring cash or card for the food van. 

You'll need to bring snacks etc


Bring a bottle of spirits for the cocktail bar. 

BYO beer, cider, wine. 


We don't need to buy new stuff to have a party! Make a costume or bring some second-hand things, swap with people or improvise - please don't go and buy cheap shit for the sake of an outfit. 


Faux fur, hair, raffia, straw, paper, canvas, sticks, paint, mud, leather could all come in handy.


Please don't bring glitter or things that shed sequins, and scour the ground for any stray bits before you go. 


Please bring your own cup, plate, cutlery & water bottle and take a bag of recycling with you at the end. 


Churchtown Farm, Lanteglos, Fowey, Cornwall

PL23 1NH

With over 50 of us, there will be plenty of opportunities to carpool or take the train and get picked up. If you have spare seats, please take someone and share the love.